Without any prior warning, the world has turned upside down. What couldn’t be imagined has become a new norm. The way we work, eat, and live have changed. While this has taken a great toll on adults, adapting to these changes have left kids in a perplexed state. Although this has led parents to have more time with their children, engaging with kids through activities at home is doubtlessly a very difficult task.

After all, pragmatic knowledge matters much more than bookish knowledge, and what can be better than learning these skills in the comfort of your home when there are many kids’ activities online classes available. Skill development through fun learning can be a difficult feat but it can get your kids some extra cookies to do well and move forward confidently.

There are so many options to explore from:

Enter the fascinating world of kids’ stories: Stories are always a memorable part of childhood. It lets the kids enter a magical world which is their creation and vision. Reading storybooks helps in both mindful and fun learning.

Fun with Cooking: Cooking is one of the best fun activities that can be done at home. Cooking different dishes can be a good alternative to keep the kids engaged. This also helps the kids to be more experimental and creative.

Develop skills with lively online hobby classes: There are many hobbies for kids that can be done through online learning. Learning a variety of skills can boost your confidence and can help the child to focus better in all aspects of life. These days, there are many hobbies and fun activities online and many websites offer free online hobby courses and lots of fun classes. These classes help the kids to not restrict their fun learning by engaging in different activities.

Spend quality time with indoor games: These days kids tend to spend a lot of time on mobile phones. This is a perfect time to let your kids engage with board games and have their phones put aside. There are many board games that you can plan for your kids like ludo, chess, monopoly, UNO, etc.

Engage in gardening: This is one of the most fun activities that help the kids to learn and engage interestingly. You can give your child a plant to grow or assign them some basic task that can keep them busy.

Challenge creativity with crafts: There are lots of DIY crafts ideas available on the internet. Unique ideas of DIY for kids and kids craft activities help the kids to grow their creativity and engage in fun learning.

Colourful learning with colours: This is a perfect time to let your child make their own hobbies list. One of the best ways to keep the child engaged in kids indoor activities is through drawing. Painting and drawing are among the most common kids’ hobbies. Encourage your child to challenge their creativity with colour. These days there are even many online kids’ painting classes available that can provide the wings to their imagination.

All these activities and online kids classes would not only focus on keeping the child engaged but also would help in their learning process.

So what are you waiting for? Go and spend your perfect quality time with kids through online and offline fun activities.

(Expert inputs by Anshul Gupta, Co-founder, Yellow Class)