In an attempt to nurture Indo-French relations, the Embassy of France announced the third edition of Bonjour India on 8 November. The opening of the fourmonth-long cultural voyage from November 2017 to February 2018 was announced by the Ambassador of France to India, Alexandre Ziegler, along with the Counsellor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, Dr Bertrand de Hartingh.

“Bonjour India is a key event of the historical IndoFrench relations of friendship and trust, which have grown in scope and exchanges over the last few years,” Alexandre Ziegler said, speaking on the occasion. “In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, the efforts we make to address common challenges facing humanity must be done collectively.

The third edition is focused on partnership, innovation and creativity, and is oriented in good measure towards the youth, as they renew and perpetuate our ties. Nothing can better uphold and create enduring relations than strengthening the partnership of hearts between our peoples.” The first edition of Bonjour India was launched in 2009, travelling across India and offering a series of events around different ideas of science and art. Following this, France hosted “Namaste France, the festival of India in France”, which reaffirmed this dynamic process. In 2013 the second edition of IndoFrench collaborations and co-productions attracted a considerable audience in a span of three months.

Currently, France and India are leading players in the global scene. France being one of Europe’s top innovators, is aiming to contribute a larger sum through exchanges in technology as well as through artistic and educational exchanges. Thus, the cultural exchange will serve as a platform for the incubation of dreams, ideas and projects, bringing together the best talent between the two countries on an open platform for dialogue and collaborations.

The third edition of Bonjour India 2017-18, collaboratively organised across various cities in India, will engage contributors from various disciplines to inculcate progressive ideas with performances, debates, seminars and exhibitions, allowing the audience to find something that captures their imagination. Commenting on the event, Dr Bertrand de Hartingh said, “Bonjour India is for everyone: it provides access to all and invites everyone to make it their own.

Bonjour India is an invitation to reimagine our world with the common threads that unite us, to take forward what we have inherited and build our future together with our minds, our hearts and our hands. We look forward to a successful voyage and fruitful collaborations, bringing value to the lives of the citizens of both the countries.” With Bonjour India 2017- 18, India and France will come together to create, innovate and partner towards a progressive and sustainable future.