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The Importance and top ways to protect forest

We depend on forests for our survival. From the air we breathe to the woods we use, we all get from the forest.

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The whole world celebrates  International Forest Day on 21st March. But do you know what is the importance of forests and what are the several ways to protect them? If not then you are on the right page. Today we will tell you about some of the importance of forests and ways to conserve/ protect them.

Importance of Forests

We depend on forests for our survival. From the air we breathe to the woods we use, we all get from the forest.

1. Forests provide wildlife shelter and a living.
2. Forests bear many flowers, fruits and roots which are suitable for human consumption.
3. Forests hold both the top and underground soil firmly and prevent soil erosion.
4. Wood from the forests is a great requirement in the production of furniture and in the building of wooden houses.
5. Forests covering a large area promote perfect seasonal rains through their vast amounts of transpiration.
6. Forests help in the large scale exchange of gases and thence, demote the levels of air pollution.
7. Many useful drugs and alkaloids are extracted from the forests.
8. Forests promote biodiversity to a great extent.
9. Forests enhance the rate of decomposition, formation of soil and hence maintain the ecological services.
10. Either directly or indirectly, forests bless a large crowd with employment.

Top ways to protect the forest

1. Conserve trees and forests in your area.

Forests and trees—especially big trees and mature forests—have many benefits. They provide habitat for a multitude of species, store carbon, maintain water quality, stabilize the climate, and provide places for people to recreate and connect with nature.

Encourage your local government to conserve forests, create parks, and oppose destructive suburban sprawl and other developments. Volunteer with a local land trust or parks and recreation department, or consider a conservation easement if you own forested land.

2. Plant New Trees

Without a doubt, the easiest way to support trees is to go out and plant trees yourself. Whether you plant a single new tree in your backyard or plant several with a group, your actions will have a significant positive impact on the planet and climate change.

3. Learn about forests, both local and global.

Educate yourself about forests, their importance, and the threats they face. The more you learn about these wonderful ecosystems, the more you can appreciate their beauty, complexity, and critical role in our planet’s health. With your newfound knowledge, you can also inspire others to take action! There are many excellent books, websites, and documentaries out there to explore.