There is an app for Death. Call death, play death or simply the fact that the ‘Countdown’ app keeps a track of how many days does one have left to die.

A dystopian technological thriller, Countdown features Anne Winters, Elizabeth Lail and Peter Facinelli in lead roles.

Makers launched the trailer of this teen thriller on YouTube. With technology going rogue, the trailer unveils a plot that rests on the premise of a mobile app that correctly predicts when people are going to die. A Final Destination motive to save yourself or cheat death a minute before it strikes forms the crux of the film.

Countdown is not the only film that will deal with the dark side of smartphone technology, Jexi, another upcoming comedy film, will revolve around an AI life coach( bad Siri kinds) that becomes a technical nightmare as it becomes obsessive with the man( Adam DeVine) who uses it.

Directed by Justin Dec, Countdown is slated to release in the USA on October 25.