Stand-up comedian Abhineet Mishra has time and again spoken about Northeast and the treatment it gets in the country, trying to deliver strong messages in a subtle and funny way. The Shillong native is now back with a set on his home state Meghalaya, but is completely serious this time. His latest work is on the 15 Meghalaya miners who have been trapped since 13 December. Mishra has taken an incredibly powerful stand, drawing the attention of people towards the serious issue that hasn’t got the attention it deserved.

As many as 15 miners have been trapped inside a 300 foot deep illegal coal mine for 25 days now, and though a rescue operation is on, there is little hope of finding the men alive. In his latest video posted on YouTube, Mishra Mishra takes a dig at India’s politicians and media, accusing them of not paying adequate attention to the matter. He has recorded the gig in an empty room, a symbolic gesture as he tries to drive home the point that there is no one to listen when people from North-east share their woes.

Watch the video here.

Mishra targeted Narendra Modi, Rahul Gandhi and even Bollywood actor Priyanka Chopra, who is the brand ambassador of Assam.

Making it clear his latest video is not a comedy, Abhineet Mishra told The Statesman: “I made this to highlight the Meghalaya mining crisis which has got abysmal coverage in the mainstream media. This is a concept stand-up routine performed without any audience to represent how the Northeast, several times, too has stories to share but never finds an audience. The focus has not been on jokes here. Because the rescue mission so far — 15 miners trapped for 25 days and counting — is a joke that can’t be bettered.”