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Watch: Heath Ledger’s Joker inspiration has an uncanny resemblance

SNS | New Delhi |

It has been 10 years since we lost one of the finest actors, Heath Ledger, widely recognised for the Oscar-winning performance as the Joker.

The Dark Knight marked the best performance by the actor which will make the love for Heath stay and grow in each of his fans.

Playing the villain, the magnificent actor won more hearts and introduced us to the Joker that we will never be able to forget. Now, almost every fan would know by knowing about the method acting that helped Heath portray such a dark character. He improvised a lot during the shoots, locked himself up to prep and drew inspiration from iconic character of Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange. Heath Ledger maintained ‘The Joker’ dairy which documented the journey of the actor with the character.

While many theories have brought out different references for the inspiration to the Joker’s character, this interview video of an American singer, Thomas Alan Waits, has resemblances you couldn’t miss. This interview filmed in 1979 of the singer, popularly known as Tom Waits, would instantly remind you of the Batman’s Joker.

Watch the interview here.

Though there is no way to know if Heath actually drew inspiration from the singer but it’s undeniable that the similarity will leave you amazed.

Talking about his character to the Empire Ledger said, “Chris and I very much saw eye-to-eye on how the character should be played, and it was evident from the meeting that we had a project. We had identical images within our minds.”

In fact, in the documentary on Heath Ledger, Too Young To Die: Heath Ledger, you could watch his father flipping the pages gave the glimpse of his inspirations.

The most heartbreaking part is the words  “bye bye” written on the last page, which reminds us the moment we had to bid goodbye to our Joker, Heath Ledger.