Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri says he has been receiving threats for using “Mohammad” in his upcoming short film “Mohammad and Urvashi”.

“Fundamentalism in religion and fear of sin have always bothered me. I wanted to probe the role Of greed, lust, fear, sin creatively. Here Mohammad is a metaphor for faith and Urvashi of illusion. In a battle of fundamentalism and illusion who wins? Or is it the third dimension. Since I announced this film, a certain section has been threatening me for using ‘Mohammad’ in my film.

“I am receiving such threats every day,” Agnihotri said in a statement.

The filmmaker says this proves his point that “fundamentalism and marketing of religion has made us blind, but to run a society we need rationality”.

“Mohammad and Urvashi” is slated to release digitally on HumaraMovie on April 24. It depicts the inner conflict of a God-fearing man who has surrendered himself to his religion and his human side that leads him astray, who he believes is the devil.

The film features Mayukh Ray, Manoj Raghubir Sharma and Khushboo Upadhyay.