The first time our parents took us to a movie theatre, the first film we watched on the big screen and the first movie date are the moments that we cherish forever. We always remember the place, the theatre that became an eternal part of our happy memories. The first time you held your date’s hand on the arm rest of the seat in the theatre that has stood there and witnessed so many love stories on both sides of the screen.

This time there are three love stories. First, the one playing on the screen, the second between the couple sitting on the corner seat and the third between you and the movie theatre- Regal Cinema in New Delhi.

As the owners announce the final showdown of this modern day heritage of dill waalo ki dilli, here are the things you did not know about this iconic cinema theatre.

1. This 85-year-old theatre standing tall in Delhi's Connaught Place has been functioning since 1932.

2. March 30, 2017 will be the day when the curtains will fall for the iconic Regal theatre.

3. This place has a close connection with Bollywood’s legendary Kapoor family.

4. Prithviraj Kapoor used to perform all his plays in the theatre and Raj Kapoor made sure to premiere all his films here.

5. It is currently playing Anushka Sharma- starrer "Phillauri". It will screen "Mera Naam Joker" in the evening and  "Sangam" in the night.

6. From Divya Dutta, Shakti Kapoor to Manoj Bajpayee and Anupam Kher have special memories of the Regal theatre.

As important and special the firsts are for us, the lasts are equally special. Hit the road of nostalgia with Raj Kapoor’s Mera Naam Joker and Sangam as the curtain falls on Regal Cinema.