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Steven Moffat says there will be more ‘Sherlock’

PTI | London |

“Sherlock” co-creator Steven Moffat said he is optimistic about a fifth series at some point in the future, despite everybody's busy schedules.

Moffat made the revelations during a conversation with Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, reported Digital Spy.

“We did (the last series) a year ago, just about, and I've been flat-out on 'Doctor Who' ever since. So I haven't really thought about it. Mark (Gatiss has) been doing other stuff as well, so we haven't sat down and had a proper talk about what we would do with another series.

“I sort of assume we will. I sort of assume we'll come back,” Moffat said.

Sherlock and John Watson were last seen in “The Final Problem” back in January.