Indian television’s hottie Nia Sharma of Jamai Raja fame has been distressed since Monday as her instagram account allegedly got hacked.

The hacker, in fact, left a message for her followers before deleting the 26 year-old actor’s instagram account @niasharma90.

The message said “chill you all…deleting this account…Nia is a b***h…and not feeling for her…goodbye”

Sharma was ranked Number three in the Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women List by British-based Eastern Eye newspaper. 

Nia took her to Twitter to express her pain and posted a number of tweets.

“WTF! My instagram” was her first tweet  followed by multiple retweets, Nia tweeted: What pleasures do they derive out of hacking an account??? I enjoyed my instagram the most.. Thanx can't do it anymore.!!

She even retweeted the hacker’s message and said “I may be a b***h but loved my instagram a lot.. please release it if you're done playing?”

The actor expressed her pain on Twitter and said that it feels like she has lost an organ as she had been enjoying instagram lately.