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Bigg Boss 13, Day 136, Feb 13: Mahira Sharma evicted leaving six finalists

Bigg Boss asks Shehnaaz and Arti to guess again who among the two of them are going post Mahira.

SNS | New Delhi | Updated :

Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with the sad news of Mahira Sharma’s eviction from the show. She hugs Paras and says that her dreams have been shattered. Mahira takes leave from everyone post which Bigg Boss informs her that she has been evicted because of getting less number of votes. Vicky Kaushal too takes leave from the housemates along with Mahira. After some time, the housemates are called to the garden area again.

Bigg Boss asks Shehnaaz and Arti to guess again who among the two of them are going post Mahira. They are then informed that the remaining housemates become the top six finalists of Bigg Boss 13. Next day, the housemates wake up listening to a beautiful song. Shehnaaz and Asim have a discussion about whatever will happen ahead of the show’s finale. After some time, the housemates are left appalled when they see a mandap being set up outside.

Shehnaaz is called to the confession room post which Bigg Boss informs her about numerous proposals coming for her marriage from outside the house. She is then asked by Bigg Boss to distribute the invitation cards of her wedding to her fellow housemates and also inform them the date. After some time, a band party enters the house and all the housemates dance to the fullest along with them. Shehnaaz then distributes the invitation cards to the housemates who also get excited about the same. Later on, Sidharth, Asim and Rashami go to talk to Arti who locks herself inside the bathroom and is heard crying. Post that, all of them pull her leg saying that she got sad after hearing about Shehnaaz’s swayamvar.

After some time, the housemates are called outside one by one in order to show them their entire journey in Bigg Boss 13. The first to reminisce her journey is Arti Singh who gets emotional after seeing her memorable journey on the big screen. She is reminded of how strong she has become over the course of time. Post that, the audience also cheers her up by shouting her name. The next to feel the amazing experience is Sidharth Shukla. Bigg Boss also pulls his leg along with others for wearing the same t-shirt and shorts the entire season. He is also reminded of his friendships and connections inside the house. He then takes leave from the audience as they cheer him up. Sidharth goes inside and hugs everyone including Asim.

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