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Bigg Boss 13, Day 130, Feb 7: Sidharth chooses Paras over others, latter gets emotional

All the four nominated contestants wonder who will save whom while the three elite club members decide to play it their own way.

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Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 begins with some early morning banter between Mahira Sharma and Asim Riaz, Shehnaaz Gill while Shehnaaz goes to Sidharth Shukla and then, becomes the topic of mockery. Meanwhile, Arti Singh asks Sidharth to join her in making rotis and also has a good laugh while Asim asks him if this is the first time he is making rotis. Mahira goes to Paras Chhabra and asks him to wake up but he gets annoyed while Shehnaaz has a serious conversation with Sidharth. Bigg Boss then tells the housemates about the second immunity task which will see them go to the jail while the elite club members will have to help the nominated contestants go get the immunity card through a process.

Asim Riaz, Sidharth Shukla, and Rashami Desai discuss who they want to save and Sidharth’s idea conflicts with that of the other two. All the four nominated contestants wonder who will save whom while the three elite club members decide to play it their own way. The bell rings and Sidharth saves Paras as said and he hugs him as well. Paras breaks down as he gets emotional with Sidharth’s decision. Meanwhile, Asim continues to rant before Sidharth because of his decision. Bigg Boss then reminds the three of them that this task is not about strength but about being quick. At the second bell, Asim and Sidharth get into an argument once again.

Bigg Boss asks everyone to go to the living area and when they go, Asim tells everyone what is happening and who decided what and that leads to a fight between him and Sidharth while everyone looks over. Shehnaaz speaks in between asking Asim not to get her in the conversation and their fight continues. Shehnaaz gets into a fight with Asim while Mahira and Paras discuss what is happening and how Sidharth saved Paras. Multiple arguments over the task continue while Rashami consoles a weeping Arti. Shehnaaz is also upset while Asim goes to Arti and clarifies his stance. Shehnaaz goes to Asim and tells him that today, she is not hurt from Sidharth but she is hurt by him.

Asim loses his calm as well while Shehnaaz rants before him because she is hurt while Rashami tries to talk them out of this. Rashami goes to Sidharth and tries to change his opinion while Sidharth accuses Rashami that she, in fact, did not want to save Arti. Asim and Shehnaaz’s argument continues while Sidharth laughs over at them. The arguments see no end throughout the time they are in the living room. During the fight, Shehnaaz also brings Himanshi Khurana in the conversation while Sidharth says both Rashami and Asim are perfect for each other. Rashami questions Sidharth as to why is he doing this and he gets rude with her as well while Shehnaaz tells them that they must not bring others in their fights. Arti loses her calm as well and shouts at everyone while Sidharth and Asim’s fight continues. Sidharth doesn’t spare Arti either and they get into an argument as well.

Bigg Boss talks to the housemates and in fact reprimands Rashami and Asim how Bigg Boss was biased during the task earlier after all and reminds them what happened during the last task. Both Asim and Rashami put their stance forward. The task resumes while Asim refuses to do the task and also apologizes to Arti for not doing it. Rashami goes back to Sidharth and reminds him about saving Arti and what she has done. Rashami asks Asim to play while Asim pokes Sidharth once again and they argue and Rashami gets hurt at the next buzzer. Rashami loses calm when she gets hurt and arguments follow once again. Bigg Boss reminds the three of them to not get violent once again.

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