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Bigg Boss 13, Day 105, Jan 13: Shehnaaz apologises to Salman Khan, confesses her love to Sidharth; Hina Khan enters house

Bigg Boss applauds all the housemates for contributing towards the success of the show.

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Monday’s episode of Bigg Boss 13 continues with Sidharth calling Shehnaaz inside but she refuses to do so. An irked Salman Khan calls Shukla inside and refrains from talking to her when she asks permission to talk to him. Later on, she realises her mistake and apologises to Salman for her behaviour. Salman schools Shehnaaz for her reactions including the incident which involved her hitting Sidharth four times. He makes her understand things in his own way post which she finally breaks into laughter. Mahira goes and hugs Shehnaaz post which she joins others in the celebrations.

She also hugs Salman Khan and apologises to him. Thereafter, the superstar cuts the cake along with the others to celebrate the news of the show becoming No 1. He then asks for Shehnaaz’s bag and says that he is taking her along with him. Thereafter, Salman takes leave from everyone and says that probably nobody will be leaving the house. He advises Shehnaaz in his own way post which she says that she will not talk to anyone and stay alone inside the house like Gautam Gulati. Salman gives a reference to his sisters and niece and says that they have never behaved in this manner in front of others. He advises her to command respect instead of demanding it.

Salman asks her to redeem herself and be mature. Post that, he takes leave from the housemates. Later on, Sidharth brings food for Shehnaaz but she refuses to have it. He still tries to make her understand in his own manner. Shehnaaz says that it will be better for the two of them to stay away from each other. Shukla tries to talk to her again after some time but to no avail. She then says that she will talk to him only when he comes all alone. Sidharth then walks away after getting irked at her.

The next morning, the housemates wake up to an energetic song. Vishal hilariously says that it feels like Shehnaaz has been eliminated. Shefali Jariwala, Mahira and Paras have a discussion about Shehnaaz’s behaviour in front of Salman Khan. Meanwhile, Rashami goes and asks Shehnaaz the reason behind staying alone. Later on, Arti also tries to talk to her. She then asks Arti what did Sidharth say to her during the task. Arti tries to explain to Shehnaaz about the same. She also makes her understand the reason behind Salman getting irked at her.

Shehnaaz says that Paras was the one who flirted with her at the beginning of the show and that later on, he kept on saying that two girls – Mahira and Shehnaaz — have been fighting with each other over him and thereby making himself a hero. Arti still tries to make her understand but fails. Madhurima tries to interact with Shehnaaz but the latter refuses to talk to her. Paras asks Arti not to pamper Shehnaaz to which the latter agrees.

However, later on, Arti tries to pacify Shehnaaz’s anger by pampering her with kisses. However, she breaks down after some time again.

Meanwhile, Shefali Jariwala and Arti ask Madhurima to wash the utensils but the latter says that she wants a partner to do so. This leads to an ugly spat between Madhurima and Shefali. Shehnaaz comes in between and whispers something in Madhurima’s ears which further irks Shefali.

Vishal comes and helps Madhurima but the two of them end up fighting with each other too. Sidharth and Arti have a discussion about the same after some time. Shehnaaz goes to work out at the treadmill and Sidharth tries to talk to her but to no avail. He tells Arti that he won’t try talking to her anymore. Arti then says that she will come and talk to him herself. Shehnaaz tries to talk to Sidharth when the lights go off but he refuses to have any conversation with her.

Next day, Shehnaaz tries to talk to Sidharth again but to no avail. Later on, both of them reconcile by hugging each other out. Shehnaaz mentions about certain demands which she has from him. She hits him again hilariously. She further states that she loves him and can hit him as much as she wants which leaves Sidharth in splits. The two of them also have a discussion about whatever happened. Shehnaaz says that she has never flipped in front of him. She further asks him not to hurt her anymore. She then says ‘I love you’ and asks him to do the same.

Later on, Shehnaaz talks to Sidharth about live-in relationship which leaves him in splits. She says she knows he has no attachment for her. Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira get involved in a fun banter. She gets irked at a particular comment passed on by Paras. He tries to make her understand but fails. He then walks away getting angry about the same. Paras conveys the same in front of Arti and Shefali.

Shehnaaz informs Madhurima that she has learnt a lesson from the incident that happened the other day. Paras and Mahira have a conversation about the kiss thing wherein she says that this might look wrong outside. Mahira breaks down and says that her family is watching everything and that they are not open-minded.

Bigg Boss applauds all the housemates for contributing towards the success of the show. Thereafter, they are informed about the elite club the membership which will be given only to a few housemates. The ones who are a part of the elite club will also get a chance to save themselves from nominations for a week. Thereafter, season 11’s finalist, Hina Khan, enters the house to select one housemate among Shehnaaz and Asim who will become the first member of the elite club. The two of them are asked to prove their worth in front of Hina.

They try to provide their own points of view and prove the other one unworthy of the elite membership. Arti defends Shehnaaz while Rashami, on the other hand, defends Asim.

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