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Shah Rukh Khan Talks about his unhealthy habits

He smokes 100 cigarettes a day and has around 30 cups of black coffee.

SNS | New Delhi |

Shah Rukh Khan has always been transparent about his ‘smoking’ addiction with his fans and back in 2011, during an interview, the superstar opened up on his unhealthy habits and revealed that he smokes 100 cigarettes a day and has around 30 cups of black coffee.

In the same interview, SRK also spoke about his love for food and how his father owned restaurants in Delhi and how his speciality was Pathani food whereas his mother cooked amazing Hyderabadi food. Until his mother was alive, she would always feed him food with her own hands. Well, that’s the thing about mothers, they are the best.

Talking about Delhi food with Harper’s Bazaar, SRK said, “My father used to own restaurants. We are actually owners of restaurants. So, I remember the butter chicken and naan. The food that both of them used to cook, my father’s speciality was, what we call, Pathani food and my mother’s was Hyderabadi and she used to make all Hyderabadi food. Actually, that’s why I don’t like restaurants.

After having eaten food from my father and mother’s hands for so long. My mother used to feed me till she died. I was 26 and I’m not ashamed of it. She used to mix food and give it to me. So I still don’t know how to eat with my hands. I feel I look very uneducated. That’s why I don’t go to restaurants because I feel a little ashamed. Plus I don’t think I find any food as tasty as that.

So when my friends and family go out I ask them to call me when the food is over. I’ll eat at home and then I’ll land up there and have coffee. My favourite restaurant will probably be McDonald’s because my kids like it or maybe KFC, or one of those places. I go to restaurants with my friends, but very seldom.”