Bollywood celebrities may come out in large numbers in protest against rape cases, but they have never been as forthcoming when it comes to talking about the alleged sexual exploitation that goes on in the industry. In a bizarre statement, well-known choreographer Saroj Khan, in fact, went on to defend Bollywood on the issue of the casting couch.\

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At a press conference on Monday,  Saroj Khan said casting couch had been there for ages, and that it provided people livelihood in exchange for it. She even said Bollywood doesn’t abandon (girls) after raping them. This is what she said: “Tum film industry ke peeche kyun pade ho? Woh kam se kam roti toh deti hai. Rape karke chhod toh nahi deti. (Why are you targeting the film industry? At least, it gives people livelihood. It doesn’t abandon after rape).”

She went on to say, “Yeh ladki ke upar hai ki tum kya karna chahti ho. Tum uske haath mein nahi aana chahti ho toh nahi aaogi. Tumhare paas art hai toh tum kyun bechoge apne aap ko? Film industry ko kuch mat kehna, woh humaara mai-baap hai. (It depends on the woman what you want to do. Do you want to give in or not. If you have art, why would you sell yourself? Don’t say anything about the film industry, it’s our godparent).”

After facing a backlash for such a bizarre justification, the three-time National award-winning choreographer apologised for defending sexual exploitation.

However, even after apologising for her statement, it seems Twitterati are not willing to forgive her for such inconsiderate statement. Check out their reactions here.

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Speaking of the casting couch, Bollywood actress Ileana D’Cruz said, “It might sound cowardly, but I do agree that if you speak out about the casting couch, it will end your career.”