Actress Richa Chadha has featured in a video of singer Shibani Kashyap’s new single “Wannabe Free” that encourages everyone to break free from the shackles of social media.

“Shibani is a friend and I was glad to be featured in her song. Unlike a regular party number or a romantic song, she has made something meaningful about a pertinent and growing problem. I was happy to be associated with it,” Richa said in a statement.

With “Wannabe Free”, the singer takes to music with a cause by encouraging everyone to free themselves from the social media. She deemed it fit to have Richa in the video as she is an actress, who is known to speak her mind freely on any social platform.

Richa shot for the video in Goa earlier in January. The song is set to be released January-end under the Zee Music label.