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Star Wars Rebels S03E13: Warhead review

Prithviraj Dev |

Series: Star Wars Rebels

Cast: Steve Blum, Stephen Stanton, Lars Mikkelsen, Vanessa Marshall and David Oyelowo

After a superb start to the latter half of Star Wars Rebels (SWR) third season last week with Ghosts of Geonosis, the latest offering tempers expectations with a buoyant episode that has a spotlight on the Ghost crew’s most rambunctious member: Zeb Orellios.

After Sabine’s backstory was pretty much revealed earlier in the season, the burly Lassat deserved his moment in the sun and in Warhead, he gets it.

Left behind for ‘grunt’ duty aka overseeing the security of the base while the rest of the Rebels run away to be a thorn in the Empire’s side, poor old Zeb gets left behind to oversee the base with the grumpy Chopper and the droll AP-5 for company.

What could have been an extremely boring episode turns out to be quite a bit of fun, as the trio play a game of cat and mouse with an Imperial Infiltrator Droid that threatens to cause havoc on the Rebel base.

While they predictably neutralise the droid, the manner in which the reluctant teammates combine to give the Imperials a taste of their own medicine is refreshing to watch. AP-5’s uncanny similarities with a golden droid are unquestionable, but his tete-a-tete with Zeb is a blast throughout.

Without giving too much away, Fulcrum makes a return to remind us that there are plenty of loose ends to be tied up and with Grand Admiral Thrawn overseeing proceedings, it is simply too close to call as to who will end up winning the war.

An exciting sidetrack of sorts, Warhead brings the fun back in Star Wars Rebels after a sombre few episodes.