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Remembering Irrfan Khan on his On 2nd Death Anniversary

On April 29, 2020, Irrfan Khan died following a long battle with cancer.  

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It’s the 2nd Death Anniversary of the legendary actor Irrfan Khan, but like all great artists, the actor’s legacy lives on. On April 29, 2020, Irrfan Khan died following a long battle with cancer.  

Irrfan Khan has made a mark in the annals of Indian cinema history as one of the greatest actors the country has ever witnessed. When he died two years ago, fans not only lost a spirited performer but also a relatable face in the glossy world of Bollywood. From comedy movies to thriller flicks, Irrfan Khan has worked in a plethora of movies that have been fan favorites for decades.

On Irrfan Khan’s second death anniversary, his son Babil Khan penned an emotional open letter addressed to his father.

The soon-to-debut actor recalled their visit to Norway, where they traveled to watch the Northern Lights, recalling the emotions and memories he cherishes from the trip. Babil then confessed how much he misses him, adding that his late father continues to breathe in his thoughts.

“Dear baba, I’m trying to remember that perfume you wore, when we traveled north to watch lights dance in Norway. I remember exactly, the feeling of your smell, but I can’t remember the materialism of it. I remember the sensation on my fingertips when you spread my palms to tell my fortunes but it frightens me to forget your playful pinch on my nostrils. I have begged, and I have cried to the heavens, to let not my body forget yet; for my soul is not ready to forfeit. I am not ready to move on, and I am alright with the idea that possibly I will never be, we were never governed by logic,” he wrote.


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“You and I, singular and cosmic. Everything is, and yet it is not; You’re a perfect teardrop in my asylum. I was mindful and yet I forgot, my intonations of violence. You still breathe, in my thoughts; and our institutions of madness. I miss that, what I fought; your explorations of silence. A creation of yours, Babil,” he concluded the letter, shared on Instagram. The letter was penned for Hindustan Times.

Babil received love from many, with fans sending him and his family love. Babil will soon make his debut alongside Tripti Dimri with Netflix’s Qala.

On Irrfan Khan’s second death anniversary, let’s take a look at some of his best performances that you can watch to celebrate the superstar.

The Lunchbox  

The Lunchbox is an extraordinary love story of ordinary people, who have for long lived in a world bereft of affection and compassion. The lead couple falls in love over several lunchboxes, prepared by one and relished by the other. Irrfan Khan’s Saajan is vulnerable, righteous, and hopeful all at once. The film is an example of his unparalleled likeability and grace.


Piku proves that Irrfan Khan need not be at the front and center of a show to make it his own. In this heartwarming tale of father-daughter bond, Irrfan Khan’s Rana is the effortless catalyst, winning over everyone’s heart with his charm and candor.



Life of Pi