Pakistani actress Meesha Shafi has accussed her colleague, actor-singer Ali Zafar of sexually harassing her on several occasions. The actress took to Twitter to break her silence and mentioned that she is speaking now to break “the culture of silence that permeates through our society”.

“Sharing this because I believe that by speaking out about my own experience of sexual harassment, I will break the culture of silence that permeates through our society. It is not easy to speak out.. but it is harder to stay silent. My conscience will not allow it anymore #MeToo,” Meesha tweeted.

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Talking about the incidents, she wrote,”I have been subjected, on more than one occasion, to sexual harassment of a physical nature at the hands of a colleague from my industry: Ali Zafar. These incidences did not happen when I was young, or just entering the industry. This happened to me despite the fact that I am an empowered, accomplished woman who is known for speaking her mind! This happened to me as a mother of two children.”

Meesha mentioned that she aims to encourage women to speak up for themselves as she wrote, “Today I am breaking this culture of silence and I hope that by doing that I am setting an example for young women in my country to do the same. We only have our voices and the time has come to use them.”

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Here is what Meesha Shafi wrote in her tweet.

However, actor Ali Zafar hasn’t made any remarks on Meesha’s allegations yet.