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‘Omerta’ star Rajkummar Rao on savage intimate scene and nudity

SNS | New Delhi |

Bollywood actor Rajkummar Rao has succeeded to send chills down our spine with the intriguing and terrorising trailer of his upcoming venture Omerta. In the process of portraying the evil of the character, terrorist Omar Saeed Sheikh, Rajkummar Rao has pushed his limits.

Reportedly, the actor has given in for full frontal nudity for a scene in the film. Talking about the scenes, he told Mumbai Mirror: “Well, I can do it for Hansal sir and it also depends on how aesthetically it’s being shot. I don’t have any issues because I am not doing it. It is my character who was doing it and of course, we are not doing it to titillate the audience. It is a very important part of the film, part of the narrative.”

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The film involves a lovemaking scene so intense and violent that the team couldn’t decide on the actress to feature in it. Hansal Mehta required an actress who would agree to shed all inhibitions and perform. Speaking of the scene, he said, “That scene was not intended for titillation. I would never do that. It depicts Omar Shaikh’s violence and his state of mind before he embarked on one of his evil acts. Some member of the CBFC got the essence of this scene but had to ask for it to be done away with because of the guidelines. It doesn’t hamper the film’s narrative in any way so I had to accept it.”

“It wasn’t easy finding an actress to indulge in the violence required in lovemaking. We did find someone eventually. Hats off to Rajkummar for giving the sequence everything he had, and then some more,” he added in the Mumbai Mirror report.

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However, the Hansal Mehta directorial Omerta had to wait to ensure minimum cuts in the film, though Rajkummar’s frontal nudity scene couldn’t surpass due to the guidelines.

The most awaited crime thriller, Omerta, is slated to hit the screens on 4 May.