National Award winner director Ashvin Kumar’s No Fathers in Kashmir, which received a U/A certificate from the Film Certification Appellate Tribunal (FCAT) after an eight month long battle, has finally got a release date. The film based on the story of two 16-year-olds whose respective fathers have gone missing in Kashmir will release on 5 April 2019.

The makers had moved FCAT after CBFC gave the film an A certificate. The final version of the film has been approved after a few cuts and a condition that certain disclaimers will be put in the film.

Ashvin Kumar has been previously nominated for an Oscar for his short film, Little Terrorist, and has won National Awards for his films on Kashmir — Inshallah Football and Inshallah Kashmir. No Fathers in Kashmir is the third of his Kashmir trilogy. Ashvin is also on of the leads in the film, which also casts Soni Razdan, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, Anshuman Jha and Maya Sarao.

The makers have released the first poster of the film which features the shattered screen of a phone from which two children can be seen smiling. The story revolves around a teenage British Kashmiri girl, Noor, who re-traces her roots in search of her father. She meets Majid on her journey, a local boy who is smitten by her. Majid takes her to a forbidden area near the India-Pakistan border where they stumble upon a secret and later get arrested. The poster has a tagline which says, ‘Everybody thinks they know Kashmir’.

Speaking about the release and poster launch, director Ashvin Kumar said, “It is a film made for young people all over India to connect with young people all over Kashmir, about the euphoria and hopefulness of being young – an A certificate would keep both these audiences away from each other. Now I am confident kids will come out with their hearts beating for Kashmir.”