It seems like Bollywood is churning out biopics by a dozen this season, the election season is the direct innuendo.

After Vijay Ratnakar Gutte directed “The Accidental Prime Minister,” based on the life of Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India from 2004 to 2014; Thackeray, directed by Abhijit Panse and based on the life of the founder of the Shiv Sena, Balasaheb Thackeray, “My Name is RaGa,” is being produced that will focus on the life of Congress President Rahul Gandhi, informed the sources.

Rupesh Paul, the director of “My Name is RaGa,” said in a statement, “The movie has no intentions to glorify Rahul or to demystify him. It’s the story of a coming back of a human being who had been ridiculously attacked.

“Anyone who has fearlessly confronted defeat and failure can relate to this story. In that sense, I don’t want to call this a biopic, it’s a story of any man who becomes unstoppable after he wins over a catastrophic life,” added Paul.

The film is expected to release in April, i.e. very much in the midst of the general elections.

Watch the teaser here: