Acclaimed actress Lupita Nyong’o is “happy” to see “extreme change” in the way sexism and abuse is being handled in Hollywood.

“There is definitely more of sensitivity toward sexism, chauvinism, abuse. In the past, when it came to physical combat, there were always consultants on set, but when it came to intimacy there was never, ever somebody present to help actors navigate that,” she told “Vanity Fair” magazine.

“Now you have that, which I think is a great inclusion, and ensures that those kinds of abuses don’t happen. I think there’s also at times an oversensitivity, which I just think is the nature of the pendulum shifting, and it takes time to find the balance,” she added.

Nyong’o says she is “quite happy” that there is that kind of extreme change, reports “”.

“And hopefully we find equilibrium as we move forward,” she said.