Actress Sarah Hyland wished her younger brother Ian Hyland a “happy kidneyversary”, as she marked two years since he gave her his kidney.

The “Modern Family” star shared a picture on Instagram of herself and her younger brother, and wrote: “2 years ago today my precious little brother gave me the gift of life. Thank you for not only giving me your f**king kidney but for everything else you do. I love you so much @thehotterhyland.”

Ian returned the favour, by sharing a similar snap of himself and Sarah and writing: “Happy Kidneyversary to an incredible older sister and all around badass. I am so happy that you are living your dreams and have such an incredible year and life ahead of you. You make me so proud to be your brother. I love you, sis!”

Sarah was born with a disorder called kidney dysplasia, which affects the development of the organs.

She underwent her first kidney transplant in 2012, with the kidney donated by her father Edward, but the transplant failed. The second transplant, with the kidney donated by Ian, was successful.