Considering the amount of goosebumps and creeps the recently released film It has delivered with the infamous scary clown, Pennywise, the film is not the only one to create sleeping problems for the fans. In the past, there have been a few movies which have left the viewers horrified and even traumatised in some cases!

Here’s a list of movies you should not watch alone or leave your lights on as it can get pretty scary to sit alone in the dark!

The Conjuring film series

The Conjuring series is considered as the one of the most scary movies people have seen in recent times, courtesy James Wan (Director). Both the films has done a commendable job in leaving a lasting effect on some of the viewers. Now people even relate to the film with certain myths that it is not safe to watch as it has some curse attached to it. You should watch this movie at your own risk.

The Ring

How about a curse that follow through a videotape and within the next seven days the person who watches it dies! Sounds pretty creepy. But that’s the intriguing factor about this movie. Legends are that if you watch this movie you’ll receive a phone call within the next minute just like the movie!

 Annabelle film series

Another two part addition of The Conjuring universe, which left the audience terrified is whenever Annabelle the doll appeared in the frame! The film which is based on true events showcases the cursed doll and the series of horrifying events it creates in the families. Annabelle is considered as one of the best examples of supernatural horror films in the modern era.

The Grudge film series

As a kid, we all used to check our beds and be afraid of what’s in the closet, when it opens by itself! The Grudge showcases all our worries when the supernatural entity makes her way to the protagonist. This is one scary movie you should watch at your own risk as it’s not for the faint-hearted.


‘A mother’s love can never die’ that is what every kid wants while growing up. But what if this unconditional love of a mother is from the supernatural side? The love of a mother was surely the wrath of a woman for the others in the film. Mama narrates the story of a woman, who adopt two kids and loves them as her own. But anyone or anything that tries to separate them would face Mama‘s wrath.

Don’t Breathe

Don’t turn off the lights! The film has nothing to do with any supernatural entity or paranormal events, but this film should be on your list if you really like a good horror story with an interesting plot. A group of small-time thieves pities on a blind man during their breakout of the house but the tables are turned when the hunter becomes the hunted as the group enters the blind man’s world; a world without lights!

Insidious film series

Films showcasing paranormal events or families being chased out by some supernatural entity is a tried and tested formula for horror/thriller film. Insidious is all about giving you goosebumps and creeps whenever the ghost(s) appear on the screen. The film, which is another game changing horror film for the genre, was such a big success that it spawned off two sequels, thus creating a franchise.