The star is so good that the dog fell asleep on her lap as the actress read her bedtime stories, reports

Garner’s “Books with Birdie” made a comeback on Friday when the actress shared a video of herself reading to Birdie, her dog, while also suggesting a list of must-read books that Birdie considers her favourite.

“There are so many festive Christmas books to put a jingle in your giddy up,” Garner wrote in the caption.

Birdie yawned and slightly snored as Garner read aloud to the camera. As the actress finished reading, she lightly patted Birdie’s stomach and whispered, “Sweet dreams, Birdie.”

The first episode of Garner’s storytime with her dog began in October.

The “Miracles from Heaven” actress recently adopted a pet chicken, Regina George, and shared a hilarious Instagram photo of herself with her new friend on a leash.