Filmmaker James Cameron has revealed he uses his dreams as an inspiration for his movies.

The 62-year-old director said he helmed some of the most successful movies of all time, including Avatar, from the ideas that struck him in his sleep.

“‘The Terminator’ came from a dream of a kind of death figure, a chrome skeleton emerging from a fire. A lot of the root imagery I had in Avatar came from dreams I had when I was still in college of a bioluminescent forest.

“Sometimes I’ll wake up from a nightmare and think, gosh, that was good, I can make a movie about that,” Cameron told Metro newspaper.

The Oscar-winning director is currently working on the highly-anticipated four follow-ups to the 2009 fantasy film Avatar.

Cameron claimed he has been working non-stop for nearly three years on the franchise, in spite of being repeatedly delayed.

“I start working with the cast in September but I haven’t had a day off for several months and I’ve been working at it pretty much full-time for three years.

“So that’s design, writing four scripts that are worthy of the kind of budgets/audience expectations that would make it worthwhile, designing an entire world, completely revamping our virtual production pipeline and building the actual facilities,” he said.