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Heath Ledger’s ‘I Am Ledger’ trailer out!

SNS | New Delhi |


The trailer of one of the most anticipated documentaries – I Am Ledger – is out. The documentary shows rare footages of the legendary method actor – Heath Ledger. The trailer delves into his life behind the camera. Interestingly, even the release date of I Am Ledger coincides with the actor’s birthday.

The posthumous Oscar winner, who passed away in 2008, before releasing of his final movie The Dark Knight, can be seen laughing, playing with cameras, shooting his own videos and even playing guitar in the newly released trailer.

The documentary includes interviews with Ledger’s friends, family and relatives, musician Ben Harper, model Christina Cauchi, actor Ben Mendelsohn, director Ang Lee and Heath’s own sister Kate Ledger, who recalled his life moments, while the trailer showcases Heath’s own interviews too.

Model Christina Cauchi, whom Heath dated back in 2000-2002, told actor’s passion for films as she says, “There were always cameras around — a video camera or a Polaroid camera or the film camera.”

On his acting skills, director Ang Lee says, "Even as the supporting actor, he will steal the whole show. That's the power of Heath Ledger.”

The documentary features Ben Harper’s song, Happily Ever After in Your Eyes, which Ben composed in 2005 on Heath Ledgers’ special request for his then newly born daughter.

Ledger, who played remarkable role of Joker in 2008 Nolan’s directed Batman film The Dark Knight, will always be, remembered for giving new lives to characters by acting so passionately.

There are masterpiece films, such as 10 things I Hate About You, A Knight's TaleCandy and Brokeback Mountain, which are hard to imagine without his contribution.

The documentary will be released at Tribeca Film Festival on April 23 and will be aired on Spike television on May 17.