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First woman to get Best Director Oscar nomination passes away at 93

At the age of 93, the moviemaker Lina Wertmuller passed away on Thursday.

SNS | Kolkata |

Flipping the pages, we find a woman making history of becoming the first female to win a nomination for the Oscar in 1977 for her movie ‘Seven Beauties’. Guess the name. Yes, its Lina Wertmuller.

At the age of 93, the very moviemaker passed away on Thursday. As per ‘Variety’, one of her friends quoted that the death was occurred “peacefully at home, next to her daughter and loved ones”.

The famous moviemaker was born in Rome and was groomed by her mentor Federico Fellini, the legendary movie director.

As per Variety’s report, Wertmuller was hired by her mentor as the assistant director on ‘8½’ in 1963, the same year in which she came up with his debut ‘The Basilisks’, which went on to win her the Best Director award — her first — at the Locarno Movie Festival.

Her Cannes debut was ‘The Seduction of Mimi’ in 1972. Her next movie was ‘Love and Anarchy’ the following year.’. Her cinematic masterpiece ‘Swept Away’ was made in 1975 and remade 27 years later by Guy Ritchie and Madonna.

Despite the critical acclaim and awards that Wertmuller’s original won, including one for Best Director from the New York Movie Critics Circle, the remake was panned by critics and flopped at the box office.

Her Oscar nomination followed for her movie ‘Seven Beauties’ which chronicles the wartime experiences of a war-time Italian soldier. She lost to John G. Avildsen for ‘Rocky’ but her nomination made history. It paved the way for eventual winners such as Kathryn Bigelow who won in 2010 for ‘The Hurt Locker’ and Chloe Zhao who won in 2021 for ‘Nomadland’.

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