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Comic book-based shows/movies that you need to watch this weekend

Here are some 5 R-rated superhero flicks that you can watch to get your geek-mode on.

SNS | New Delhi |

From Amazon Prime Video’s Utopia, to 20th Century Studios’ Death on the Nile, to the Jamie Foxx starrer Project Power, with so many exciting international titles being announced, this week has definitely been an electrifying one for all the pop-culture enthusiasts out there. As we gear up for this weekend’s masterstroke, DC’s first day of the global event FanDome is almost here for all superhero lovers out there. While we wait for this epic event to unfold, here are some 5 R-rated superhero flicks that you can watch to get your geek-mode on.


Breaking several global box office records, Joaquin Phoenix’s award-winning Joker is a must watch for everyone. Being one of the most-talked about films of all time, this movie, with dark themes aplenty, is a one-man show which excellently hones the picturesque life of Arthur Flec aka Joker, Batman’s arch enemy.


Redefining the very definition of an adult superhero genre, Deadpool is a fan-favourite wisecracking foul-mouth. It is very authentic and stays quite faithful to its comic version. Hilarious, action-packed and just the sheer brilliance of the film’s style, all of which was something that was never explored before in a superhero flick. And to top it off, who better than the ingenious Ryan Reynolds to helm the title.

The Boys

The Amazon original series is a refreshing tale of anti-heroes among the superhero fatigue that exists today. In a world where superheroes are idolized, this show gives an intriguing perspective to what would happen if ‘Supes’, as they call it, went rogue and let their fame get to their head. It’s a story of good vs. bad that you’ve never seen before as a gang of vigilantes go head-to-head against the capitalizing corporates behind these rogue cape-wearers. Filled with dark-humour, gore and a whole lot of action-packed drama, The Boys is a diabolically messed-up watch that you just can’t miss! Even more so since an even more invigorating season 2 will be premiering on September 4.


The Regina King starrer series Watchmen is one of the finest adaptations of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ landmark 1986-87 comic. The HBO superhero drama series had significantly drawn parallels to recent events and is very much true to ‘now’, with its prevalent reflection of racial violence. The gripping narrative of these masked individuals examines how a society goes through a fallout due to ripple effects of a devastating cultural event.


Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will forever remain a fan favourite and one that’s definitely irreplaceable. The tenth film in the X-Men series and the final installment in the Wolverine trilogy, Logan was the perfect farewell to the iconic character played by Hugh for 17 years. Inspired by Old Man Logan, the director and co-screenplay writer James Mangold vehemently captures the raw, brutal and intensely uncompromising aged mutant, who still leaves us in awe.