New posters of the next chapter of Stanley Kubrick’s critically acclaimed film The Shining titled Doctor Sleep have been unveiled.

A continuation of events from Stephen King’s novel The Shining( 1977), the new posters of Doctor Sleep draw heavily from the symbolism and iconography from the 1980 film.

More than a continuation of the classic novel, Mike Flanagan’s film posters make it clear where the allegiances of the sequel lie. Similar colour-work, an eye through the axe-hole in the door, and the tiny bike in the familiar hotel hallway, all recurring images in the film The Shining, have been incorporated in the new posters.

In the first poster, an adult Danny Torrance played by Ewan McGregor is shown walking down the hallway of the Overlook Hotel as his younger self on the tricycle is seen sitting at the other end of the poster. The poster is red in colour, drawing from the ‘Redrum’ reference from the film.

The second poster is yellow saturated and will remind audiences of the classic poster of Jack Nicholson staring through the axe -hole in The Shining.

Earlier, makers launched the trailer of the film which created massive excitement among fans who are waiting for Doctor Sleep to release on 8 November 2019 in India.