The new song ‘Punha Ekada Guruda Bharari’ Gheu’ is hit on many TV channels and govt. DD Sahyadri and also on social media. Jeevan Marathe has come up with this song to boost the moral of administration, police, medical and media personnel to fight against Corona pandemic.

This energetic song is pictured on Marathi and Hindi film industry actors and actresses like Manoj Joshi, Sharad Ponkshe, Kishori Shahane, Makarand Anaspure, Renuka Shahane, Varsha Usgaonkar, Manasi Naik, Devdatta Nage, Deepali Sayed, Shilpa Anaspure, Pushkar Jog, Nitish Chavan, Smita Gondkar, Kiran Gaikwad, Gayatri Datar and Smita Shewale. They all have come together first time for this song to give energy to citizens to fight against this Pandemic.

Latur, Aurangabad, Baramati and Miraj municipal corporations also later got connected with the song to boost the moral of the people in the district, said by officials.

After the great response from the audience, now the Channels are airing this song repeatedly. This song is composed by Jeevan Marathe and lyricist are Mrs. Surekha Marathe (mother) , Vaishali Marathe (Sister) and his friend Shaunak Kankal and Jeevan himself. Singers of this song are Jeevan Marathe, Rajeshwari Pawar, Krisha Chitnis, Kavita Raam, Rushabh Khasnis & Vaishali Marathe. Shubham Chopkar played flute &  Rushabh Khasnis is guitarist, arranger & programmer of this song.

Concept of the song is sketched by Deepali Sayed. Shrinivas Kulkarni, Rajendra Anaspure and Amol Ghodke have taken an initiative for this song. Makarand has directed the song. The important thing about this song is all audio & video of this song is recorded on mobile following countrywide lockdown & still tried to maintain all high technical aspects.

Jeevan Marathe told, “When we started a discussion about the song, the main motive was to reduce the fear in the mind of people about covid-19 and boost the spirit to fight against it. I also wanted to do something positive for everyone in this pandemic situation.

As we all know Shivaji Maharaj is icon for everyone. In ancient times, as ‘mavalas’ protected gad & maharashtra under the leadership of Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Right now, even though the enemy is really small, we have to protect our own home and Maharashtra from corona virus and this is the main concept of the song.

Many great artists worked for this project. I am overwhelmed with the response of the artist who worked in the project and even from the response from the common people.

As a music director, singer and Indian citizen, I have given my small sincere contribution and I am fortunate that I got this opportunity as people are getting positivity from this song and it’s boosting their moral. I even got response from some doctors which is overwhelming. I am happy that I contributed something and I feel satisfied.”

Prior to this song Jeevan Marathe has given two hit Marathi albums named, ‘Abol Gandh Premacha’ & ‘Man He Vede’ both are sung by bollywood singer Anwesshaa Dattagupta & Jeevan Marathe himself. Soon Jeevan Marathe will treat his fans with upcoming album ‘Udhanal Raan’, which has a totally different musical flavour.