Percussion maestro Prodyut Mukherjee released his latest musical venture named Rhythm Express – Music For Dance with the presence of cricketer Sourav Ganguly recently. It features Odisi boltan by noted Odisi exponent Dona Ganguly who lent her voice for the first time to any audio projects.

The melody has been composed by Grammy Award winner Vishwamohan Bhatt. Concept and direction of the presentation has been conceived and executed by Mukherjee.

The album encompasses a vast spectrum of musical genres ranging from traditional Hindustani to South Indian classical notes and extending beyond the boundaries of India.

It contains four tracks, namely, Within You, Without You, Rhythm Express and Pleasure. The album offers global musical influences adapting African, Latin American, Jazz and Blues and traditional Western classical notes.

Mukherjee, during his foreign tours has been influenced by many rhythm styles and incorporated them in Rhythm Express.

“I wanted to present Indian classical music in fusion form. Dona is the best Odissi dancer I have known. No one matches up to her level of perfection when it comes to dance. The idea of the album is to promote Indian classical music before a wider audience,” Mukherjee said.