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Vikrant Massey talks about fading star culture

Actor Vikrant Massey has opened up about the fading star culture in Hindi cinema. He agrees that OTT has played an important part in it but there are other factors, too.

IANS | Mumbai |

Talking about the web-space playing an integral part in the erosion of star culture, Vikrant said: “I don’t think it’s (just) because of OTT. I think it is because of society in general. The new generation we see today, they don’t idol worship like probably people 20 years ago used to do. Cinema culture was a hit but people are so busy with their own lives. The newer generation have digitisation and technology at their disposal.”
He added: “My nieces are eight and nine. They don’t watch Indian content. They are sitting and watching Korean content, so the world has shrunk because of digitisation. We are far more exposed to international content.”
 “OTT has definitely played an important part but also I think there are far more important things that people are busy with, like the pandemic, and everybody has something in their lives, especially the newer generations,” he explained.
“They don’t do idol worship as much. All these things are interlinked,” said the actor, whose latest film is “Haseen Dilruba”, which was released on Netflix.