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Sohum Shah, Kangana’s sweet chemistry in ‘Simran’

SNS | Mumbai | Updated :

Sohum Shah has been receiving accolades from film critics for his acting prowess and charming screen presence in Simran.

One of the most highlighting fact in Simran is the love story between Sohum aka Sameer and Kangana aka Praful Patel in the film.

Sohum and Kangana look very fresh and natural together. Sohum’s good-natured performance perfectly compliments Kangana’s fiery personality leading to sparks on screen.

The chemistry between the two has been liked by the audiences, Sohum is playing the role of Kangana’s love interest in the film.

Sohum is one of the versatile actors and it is a lesser known fact that the actor is a national award winner for the path-breaking film Ship of Thesis in which he played the role of a naive stockbroker.

The actor has also developed a female fan following with his exceptional body of work.

Sohum’s chemistry with Kangana in Simran is the major highlight which grabbed eyeballs of the cinegores.

Maybe Sohum Shah is the new kind of a romantic hero that we have been waiting for.