Amartya Bobo Rahut is a singer-songwriter, music producer, and independent artist from Mumbai, India. Amid COVID 19, he spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of creating music.

“I have been working with numerous directors and have primarily tried to imbibe their ideas and vision to my music. Pandemic has allowed me the time to work on my vision. It has helped me channelize my vision and helped me create a lot of content,” said Amartya.

43 -years-old Bobo has produced and composed music for films and albums such as Drive, Tu Hai Mera Sunday, Aurangzeb, Uttarayan, Om The Fusion Band, Tumhari Sulu, Rewind – Nine Lost Stories, etc. and has now come up with a new song, “Shaam simti”, which was shot in Goa after lockdown.

He also added, ” ‘Shaam Simti’ is an expression of longing for a person who has long gone, but whose absence becomes more painful through every passing moment. I composed this song for my wife who I love very dearly, and one day when we were having a drink and chatting, we discussed how either of us would feel once one of us goes away with age, since we don’t have children. This song came from that feeling. So it’s completely honest and dedicated to her.”

Artists around the world have adapted themselves to a new way of living by swapping physical performance spaces for virtual ones. For both artists and audiences, social distancing has come at a great price.  Many artists like Amartya have found innovative ways to entertain and offer hope amid the COVID-19 crisis, which have kept people connected by keeping them apart too.

Along with other industries, the art industry that mostly operates from public spaces is disoriented too, and now finding ways to reinvent itself online.

This in turn also dictated Amartya’s song’s creative process. “That’s the reason I kept the arrangement of the music as simple as possible. The song has a single piano as accompaniment and nothing else. As for the video, a friend of mine who lives in Goa was nice enough to shoot during lockdown along with his wife,” he said.

Highly creative minds have found new ways to share and create their art by accepting the challenge of social distancing with kindness and ingenuity.