If you have ever lived as a tenant or given your house on rent and not seen the other person being a prick to you, then consider yourself lucky. After watching the much-awaited Hindi film Gulabo Sitabo on Amazon Prime Video over the weekend, we couldn’t help but think about this Tom-and-Jerry type situation. Being a light-hearted watch that’ll see you smile from ear to ear, here are 5 things that you’ll easily relate to as you watch Mirza (Amitabh Bachchan) and Baankey (Ayushmann Khurrana) clash over Fatima Mahal.

The power dynamic

When the landlord doesn’t budge from his decision and is being super irrational, it’s time for war. It becomes a game, where only the powerful survive and win, to say the very least. You’re constantly trying to outwit each other and come out on tops. As Baankey correctly puts it- “Ab maza ayega!”

A snail cooped in its shell

Atithi Devo Bhava, as they say, translates into ‘The guest is God’. But we’ve all had instances where people have overstayed their welcome, haven’t we? What happens when the tenants selfishly starts behaving like it’s their own house without any accountability? Mirza feels the same for his mansion and ensures he does all that he could to remove the feeling of “ghongha banke baithe ho”.

We wish we could say – Abbe jaao apne bakariyo ke sath baitho

After weeks and weeks of struggling and hustling through the grind work, it’s the beginning of the month when one gets their salary credited. But such joys of life are short lived as it only takes a few moments for the landlord, with his devilish smile, coming to you and ask for rent and your happiness. You’d definitely want to say everything that Baankey feels and much more!

Rather be adopted by a prick than leave the house

With all said and done, the house does become one’s home after a while. The emotions that the tenant feels before leaving the house, is priceless.Especially if they were staying there for a long time. A roof that has seen so many shades of one’s life and provided with so much more, Ayushmann’s character correctly puts it – “Godh le lo”. We’d want to be adopted too if that what it takes to not leave. Dear landlord, are you listening?

The tenant-landlord frenemy situation

As much as we’d like to destroy the life of the opposite person, a bond does develop between a tenant and the landlord. Like Gulabo Sitabo’s Mirza and Baankey, it’s a Tom and Jerry relationship IRL too. Ceaseless banter and sly behaviour aside, one can’t get enough of each other. You simply love to hate them and know that life just wouldn’t be the same in their absence.