Bigg Boss 13, Day 52, Nov 21: Sidharth, Asim fight continues; Himanshi, Shehnaaz and Bhau chosen for captaincy

Asim and Sidharth’s fight continues and they get too much aggressive because of which Bigg Boss and the other housemates have to interfere in between.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 52, Nov 21: Sidharth, Asim fight continues; Himanshi, Shehnaaz and Bhau chosen for captaincy


Thursday’s episode begins with Sidharth asking Devoleena about a previous conversation involving him, when they were discussing to save Rashami by making Bhau the captain. This leads to some indirect arguments between Rashami, Shefali and Sidharth. Later on, Devoleena says that she has discussed the particular matter with Vishal. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Asim get involved in an ugly spat again and so does Devoleena and Vishal.

Vishal tries to explain the entire thing to Devoleena but she responds back by saying that she had specifically asked him not reveal about their discussion to anyone. Sidharth ends up pushing Asim again and the other housemates try to stop them. In the midst of all this, Shehnaaz gets involved in a fight with Shefali. The latter says that she does not want to talk to Sidharth because of which he says that her lies have been caught.

Vishal gets angry and says that people have the habit of taking everything seriously including jokes. He also says that he has done a very big mistake by talking to Devoleena and Rashami. Devoleena gets angry later on and bursts out at Vishal and accuses him of giving a chance to Sidharth for bringing out a particular topic. Vishal tells her that crying will not hide the entire matter.


Asim and Sidharth’s fight continues and they get too much aggressive because of which Bigg Boss and the other housemates have to interfere in between. Mahira tells Hindustani Bhau and others to stop Asim and Sidharth as girls can’t stop the fight. Sidharth asks Paras whether he had said something to Asim during the fight the other day. Paras brings Asim to confirm the same but this leads to yet another spat involving Shefali, Arti, Mahira and others.

Shehnaaz says that Asim is now trying to instigate Sidharth into fighting with him. Paras then says that Shefali is the one who is the reason behind this entire ruckus. However, Bhau and Arti does not agree with him and say that Shefali has never spoken ill about Sidharth.

Devoleena cries and bursts out in front of Rashami and Shefali. She accuses Vishal of lying and betraying. Both of them fight with each other again.

Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira talk about the same that Rashami is the one who has instigated the entire matter. Mahira takes Devoleena inside and tries to pacify her. Meanwhile, Paras tries to calm down Vishal and says that Rashami is the main culprit here. Later on, Sidharth tries to clear things out with Shefali. Paras barges in and clears things from his own end. He accuses Shefali and Himanshi of instigating the things that led to the fight. Paras and Bhau end up pushing each other. The latter asks him not to touch others during a fight.
Paras and Himanshi get into an ugly spat and call each other names. Arti comes in between but Sidharth asks her not to get into such matters.

Himanshi goes inside and talks to Asim about Paras. Paras comes to clear things out with Asim but the latter accuses him of numerous things including disrespecting girls. He schools Paras for talking about a girl’s figure or makeup.

Paras and Himanshi clear things out and apologize to each other. Sidharth tells Shehnaaz that it wasn’t right on her part to break the mandap. They also talk about how irritating Asim is. Later on, Sidharth has a discussion with Vishal about the same. The next morning, housemates wake up to “Kheech Meri Photo.” Shehnaaz talks to Devoleena about her priorities related to Sidharth. She says that she is irked with Arti who accused her of certain things the other day. Devoleena conveys the entire thing to Arti who then talks to Sidharth about the same.

Shehnaaz and Sidharth make some cute but funny gestures towards each other. The two of them have a cute conversation with each other in which she says that Arti came and slept on her bed because of which she got angry. Sidharth tries to make her understand the entire matter. Later on, Bigg Boss asks both the teams to name four candidates for captaincy.

Shehnaaz and Paras plan about the cancellation of Rashami and Bhau’s candidature. They have a discussion with Sidharth, Khesari and others about the same. Sidharth has a separate conversation with Shehnaaz about the captaincy candidature. Paras has a discussion with Devoleena about making Shehnaaz the captain. Rashami backs out from candidature thereby supporting Bhau and Devoleena.

Bhau takes his own name and Shehnaaz’s name for captaincy. Paras says that they haven’t chosen any name because of which Sidharth’s team is given the chance to choose two more candidates for captaincy. Sidharth talks about selecting Asim and Himanshi. But Vishal, Shehnaaz, Devoleena and Paras ask him to take his own name. He goes inside and informs the others about the same.

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