Bigg Boss 13, Day 51, Nov 20: Shehnaaz Gill spoils mandap, Team Paras wins ‘swayamwar task’

Both Paras and Shehnaaz funnily exchange garlands.

Bigg Boss 13, Day 51, Nov 20: Shehnaaz Gill spoils mandap, Team Paras wins ‘swayamwar task’


Wednesday’s episode begins with Asim and Sidharth getting involved in an ugly spat yet again. The other housemates including Bhau, Khesari, Paras and others try to stop Sidharth and Asim. Both of them give their own set of explanations to others about the same. Shefali and Arti have a discussion about Asim and Sidharth’s fight. Meanwhile, Sidharth talks about Asim in front of Paras and others as the latter listens to them from nearby.

They get aggressive again and go to the extent of getting physical while the other housemates try to stop them. Asim gets into a fight with Paras midway. Arti gets irked at some of the housemates for instigating Sidharth against Asim. Bigg Boss also interferes in between and stops them. Paras comes and tries to make Sidharth understand but Arti interferes in between and asks why he has to come in between.

Sidharth tries to explain the entire thing to Vishal separately. Later on, Mahira makes fun of Sidharth and says that he has never fought with her like that. Bigg Boss then announces that a particular phase of the task has come to an end for the day.


Shehnaaz asks Sidharth why he was supporting Asim if he knew that the latter was wrong. He says that he supported him because of his childishness. Shehnaaz asks him not to talk to Asim anymore. He tells Vishal, Shehnaaz, Khesari and Bhau that he knew such a fight would happen one day.

Shehnaaz, Mahira and Paras talk about how Rashami and Devoleena have formed a team including Shefali, Himanshi and others. Shefali talks to Asim about the fight. She tells him where he went wrong in the fight. Both of them also agree about the fact that Sidharth has taken his side at times. Meanwhile, Sidharth talks to Himanshi about Asim’s game. The next morning housemates wake up and dance to an energetic Punjabi song, “Yeah Baby”. Shehnaaz pulls Hindustani Bhau’s leg by calling him ‘Pitaji.’

Himanshi, Shefali and Asim have a discussion about Sidharth Shukla. They also talk about how Paras, Mahira and Vishal are taking advantage of the situation. Asim says that Sidharth gets angry when somebody does not listen to him. Arti and Bhau have a discussion about how some of the housemates were taking advantage of Sidharth and Asim’s fight the other day. Asim, Shefali and Himanshi strategize about making Bhau the captain through which he can make Sidharth Shukla do his duties.

Arti tells Sidharth about Vishal’s conversation with Rashami where the latter said that his game has finally begun. Sidharth confronts Vishal about the same which the latter denies. Sidharth then calls Paras and asks him whether he instigated Asim the other night which the latter denies. Sidharth and Vishal talk about how Devoleena and Rashami are taking advantage of the situation. Bhau advises Himanshi to stay out of the matter involving Sidharth and Asim.

Devoleena and Paras have a discussion about Rashami and her role in Asim and Sidharth’s fight. Paras says that Rashami was wrong in this matter as she took Asim’s side despite knowing that Sidharth was right. Shehnaaz asks Sidharth whether he wants to become the captain which he replies in the positive.

Shehnaaz goes and tells Rashami directly that nobody wants to make her the captain. Rashami asks her the reason why and tells her to convince the others. She then goes and talks to Paras and Vishal thereby asking them about their game. Vishal also tells her directly that nobody is going to make her or Devoleena the captain of the house. Rashami says that she doesn’t understand anything to which Vishal says that he can’t help her about the same. Sidharth suddenly calls Vishal and asks him not to reveal anything.
The Swayamvar task resumes again in a normal manner. Both the teams try to convince Shehnaaz, Bhau and Rashami in their own manner. Sidharth takes this as a chance to give an earful to Rashami. The task continues in a fun manner with Vishal dressing up as a woman and dancing with Shehnaaz and others. Shefali and Mahira taunt each other indirectly during the task.

Shehnaaz then asks Asim to say five good qualities of Sidharth which he does.
Bhau and Rashami ask Shehnaaz not to do everything on her own as they are also involved in the task. Bhau decides to give the flower basket to Paras’ team. Later on, Bhau, Shefali and Rashami have a discussion about the task. Meanwhile, Sidharth and Mahira flirt with each other in a funny manner. Shehnaaz comes and sits nearby Sidharth but he still continues his conversation with Mahira.

Rashami tells Devoleena that Shefali, Sidharth and others want Bhau to become the captain. Devoleena goes and talks to Vishal about the same. He advises her not to get into such matters regarding the captaincy. He calls Paras and tells him about Bhau’s game which leaves everyone present there in splits. Vishal talks about the same to Sidharth and the latter laughs it off too. Paras tells Devoleena and Rashami that he is going to break the mandap but they stop him. Shehnaaz gets interested in the matter and goes to do the same.

Despite Vishal’s warning, Shehnaaz breaks the mandap. Arti and Shefali shout at her and tell her that she isn’t allowed to break the same. Himanshi goes and breaks the other team’s mandap too and so does Paras. This leads to an ugly spat between Arti, Shefali, Asim and Paras. Himanshi justifies her action by saying that she followed the rules.

Bigg Boss then asks Bhau, Rashami and Shehnaaz to give the final verdict regarding Shehnaaz’s husband. Bhau takes the decision in Paras’ favour. Both Paras and Shehnaaz funnily exchange garlands thereafter.

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