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Bigg Boss 13, Day 25, Oct 25: Asim, Paras get aggressive over hidden ingredients; Sidharth Shukla tries to end differences with Rashami

Asim loses his cool and started throwing things around trying to get to Paras, who was restrained by Rashami, Mahira and Devoleena.

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After Bigg Boss decided to scold and punish everyone inside the house on Thursday’s episode, the temperature was certainly lower in the first half of the show. Here are the top highlights from Friday’s episode:

On Friday, the episode began with Shefali Bagga banging on the main gate of the house requesting the Bigg Boss team to let her out. Sidharth Shukla tries explaining to her that the crew cannot take this decision and that she should wait for the weekend.

Rashami Desai supports Shefali and says that she is well within her rights to choose her safety over the game show. Later, Asim and Paras get into an ugly fight over hidden food ingredients. Asim and Paras accuse each other of stealing things.

Asim loses his cool and started throwing things around trying to get to Paras, who was restrained by Rashami, Mahira and Devoleena. Sidharth Shukla tries his best to calm Asim but to no effect. Outside the house, Paras tells Mahira and Devoleena that he will not be responsible for what will happen to Asim if he gets close to him again. Inside the house, Devoleena and Siddharth Shukla again get into a fight over hidden ingredients.

Later, Paras, Asim, and Sidharth Shukla were called to the confession room and Bigg Boss scolds them for showing aggression during the tasks inside the house. Bigg Boss adds that provocation and aggression were crossing the limits, and that people cannot assassinate each other’s characters.

“Aggression is natural but you are in control of the aggression. Remember you are competitors, not enemies,” Bigg Boss said.

Later, Shehnaaz apologises to Shefali for misbehaving with her during the task but Shefali ignores her. Paras tries to bury the hatchet with Asim, who refuses to comply. Asim says he will continue to provoke him if Paras doesn’t stop abusing him.

Paras tells Devoleena, Siddhartha Dey and Mahira that Bigg Boss said that everyone’s to be blamed for the aggressive show. Soon, Devoleena loses her cool over Bigg Boss “comparing” her with others and says, “Bigg Boss aapko ye gandh promote karna hai tho karo but don’t ever compare me with this dirt.”

Later, Siddharth Shukla tries to end differences with Rashami saying that they have been together for some time and they must avoid making problems. While they told each other that things are okay, both said nothing could be changed once in the company of others.

Meanwhile, when Shefali says that she does not want to share bed with Arti, the latter begins crying and Shukla tries to console her.

Shefali and Mahira then discuss Shehnaaz and say that they must take some steps if she is not chided in the weekend episodes.

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