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Bigg Boss 13, Day 10, Oct 9: Devoleena Bhattacharjee becomes first ‘Queen’ of the house

She breaks Dalljiet’s pot and becomes the first ‘Queen of the house’ and thereby gets saved from next week’s nominations.

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The tenth day of the show began with Shehnaaz showing her anger on Paras for choosing Daljeet over her for the ‘Rani Number 1’ task. Paras accuses Shefali of inciting Shehnaaz which makes her angry. Soon after, Shefali and Mahira have a heated argument over the same. Shefali then made it clear that all she did was, ask Paras to convince Daljeet to pick someone else’s pot. Paras says that Shehnaaz is the one who thinks the wrong way.

After sometime, Bigg Boss announces about the closure of the first half of ‘Rani No 1’ task. Later on, Paras and Shehnaaz try to clear out their differences. Paras tries to explain to her the reason behind choosing Daljeet. Shehnaaz then gets emotional and says that every time her heart gets broken because of him. Later on, Paras clearly says in front of other housemates that he is not going to clear things with Shehnaaz anymore. Meanwhile, Shehnaaz tells Abu Malik that things would have continued between her and Paras if he would not have behaved that way.

Arti and Sidharth have a conversation about the latter’s fight with Rashami the other day. Arti advises Sidharth Shukla to control his anger and try to avoid such situations. Later, Arti also tried to convince Shehnaaz that Paras is not interested in Mahira Sharma and that there is no love triangle, but she refused to understand.

In another segment, Koena Mitra says that she does not need any favour from any boy to save herself from the nominations. The next morning started off with an energetic song ‘Tum Hi Ho Bandhu’ from the movie Cocktail. Meanwhile, Paras and Mahira discussed that he took the right decision about Shehnaaz.

Koena tells Paras that if she gets the chance, she will throw Arti’s pot. Paras later discusses it with Arti and she tells him that she would throw Koena’s pot but then soon the two start arguing over trust issues.

Later on, Shehnaaz and Sidharth talk about the task and also reveal that they want Devoleena or Arti to win. Koena has a conversation with Paras over the same to which he says that he will call her if he gets the key again.

Shehnaaz tries to convince Sidharth to help her get the key. The Queen No. 1 task begins with Sidharth getting the key and taking out Shehnaaz. She ends up breaking Mahira’s pot by saying that the latter has made a fake connection. In a rather funny reaction, Paras jumps into the pool to save the pot.

Later on, Shehnaaz and Mahira have an argument on the same. Paras and Shefali also join in later on and both the parties accuse each other of playing mind games. Daljeet confronts Shehnaaz about her behaviour towards Paras and Mahira.

On one occasion, Asim Riaz gets the keys as the bell goes and calls Arti who ends up breaking Koena’s pot. She accuses Koena of not playing a fair game when it comes to getting saved from nominations. Koena then confronts Arti over the same calling her a liar. Arti then bursts out on her for accusing her.

Sidharth ends up getting the keys yet again after which Shehnaaz is called outside for the second time. She ends up breaking Rashami’s pot because of the fight which she had with Sidharth a day before.

Siddhartha Dey gets the keys on the second-last bell. He teases the others for some time and ends up selecting Rashami Desai. She ends up breaking Arti’s pot. Later on, Rashami talks to Shehnaaz about Arti and the problems she has with her.

Abu Malik is the last one to get hold of the keys which also happens in a very dramatic and funny way. He goes in and releases Devoleena. She breaks Dalljiet’s pot and becomes the first ‘Queen of the house’ and thereby gets saved from next week’s nominations. She will also be getting certain privileges and powers. The episode ends with Shehnaaz and Sidharth having a discussion about Rashami.