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Bigg Boss 12, Day 35, October 22: Wildcard Rohit Suchanti, Megha Dhade enter BB house

To spice up things in the house, Bigg Boss introduced two wildcard entries.

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Tension and drama are the key words at the Bigg Boss house and today’s episode was no different. To spice up things in the house, Bigg Boss introduced two wildcard entries.

Let’s see what happens in the Bigg Boss house on Day 35.

Wildcard entry Rohit Suchanti 

Television actor Rohit Suchanti enters the house after a sizzling performance. Saba and Somi tell Shivashish that Rohit is a tough competition for him now in terms of looks. Surbhi is completely in awe of Rohit but remarks that he is bit girlish.

Nomination time

Rohit and Shivashish are safe from nominations. Bigg Boss will call three contestants together to the activity area for the nomination task. Bigg Boss asks them to discuss among themselves and decide who should be nominated. Megha Dhade has been called to mentor the task but they won’t be able to see her face.

After fights and arguments, the four nominated contestants turn out to be Anup Jalota, Srishty, Surbhi and Saba.

Saba Khan and Surbhi mock Sreesanth

After Saba is nominated, she starts mocking Sreesanth and gets into argument with him. On the other hand, Somi Khan curses Karanvir and calls him Sreesanth’s tail. Surbhi joins her and starts yelling to Sreesanth as he showed her a middle finger when they were in Kalkothri. She calls him a black spot on cricket and a quitter. Karanvir unleashes his anger on Somi and warns her not to point at his character.

Wildcard entry Megha Dhade

Megha Dhade, the winner of Bigg Boss Marathi and who was also the expert of today’s nominations, enters the house as a contestant. Karanvir, who knows her, is happy that she is now a part of the game.

After entering the show, Megha tells Surbhi and Romil that she likes them and also justifies her nominations and says that she has no personal grudges against anyone.

Tomorrow will be quite interesting as wildcard entry and Bigg Boss Marathi winner Megha will reveal each contestant’s characteristics.

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