ZEE5 unveiled the trailer of its upcoming Tamil series Auto Shankar.

Auto Shankar is based on serial killer Gowri Shankar and his gang that committed six murders between 1988 and 1989.The bodies of the victims were either burnt or buried inside residential houses.

After a trial, Shankar and two of his associates, Eldin and Shivaji were sentenced to death. Appani Sarath of Angamaly Diaries fame is playing Shankar, and he shared that the series would introduce audiences to some unknown facts about the life of the character.

“We know him mostly as a psychotic killer, who engaged in a multitude of other criminal activities as well. But it was surprising to learn that he had also done some good deeds,” said Sarath.

“There are even a few temples in his name in different parts of Tamil Nadu. We have visited these places and did a detailed study on his life. He was quite an intelligent man who managed a few political connections on the side. His wife and children are still alive, and we took their approval before setting out to make this, ” he added.

Born to a Tamilian mother and a Malayali father, Shankar is more familiar to people in Tamil Nadu than Kerala. In fact, Shankar’s life story inspired the 1990 Tamilian film, Pulan Visaranai, directed by RK Selvamani.

A television series on his life also aired on Makkal TV. Crime Patrol also broadcast an episode based on the psychopath killer’s life in 2018.

Sarath also shared that Shankar was romantically involved with a cabaret dancer, Chandrika, who was instrumental in changing his life, especially how he looked. But it was also she who eventually betrayed him.

For the actor, Shankar is the most creatively substantial role he has done since Appani Ravi in Angamaly Diaries.

“All the characters I’ve played after Angamaly Diaries didn’t make much of an impact. But I’m most excited and hopeful about this one,” he stated.

Auto Shankar is directed by Ranga. The series will premiere on 23 April.