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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s prep talk with son Patrick

IANS | Los Angeles |

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son Patrick says his father gave him a prep talk before he joined the team of his first film “Midnight Sun”.

Patrick says his father told him to rely on the whole team and trust them that they are doing their job well.

“My dad told me that for the six weeks, this is your family. These are the people that you’re going to rely on. He was like, well, your job is to go out there and perform as the actor. The director is going to be there to help you get to that state of whatever you need to be,” Patrick said in a statement.

“And there’s going to be the camera guy there, making sure that the shot’s good. You have the DOP, The cinematographer doing the lighting to make you look good, and all of this. Like, you need to just trust everybody on the crew to do their part. And then together it’ll make a great film,” he added.

Scott Speer’s film is based on the Japanese namesake and essays the story of how a girl’s dream comes true despite fighting with a life-threatening disorder.

In “Midnight Sun”, Bella Throne’s character Katie Price is plagued by a rare genetic disease called xeroderma pigmentosum that causes extreme sensitivity to sunlight. She is obligated to live nocturnally, spending her days inside, playing guitar, spending time with her father Jack, played by Rob Riggle, and watching out for her long-time crush Charlie Reed, played by Patrick, from her window.

It is about how love between them blossoms.

The film also features Quinn Shephard, Tiera Skovbye, Paul McGillion, Ken Tremblett, Jenn Griffin, Nicholas Coombe, Alex Pangburn and Austin Obiajunwa.

The film, brought to India by PVR Pictures, will release in India on April 6.