Pakistani singer Aqsa Ali has backed up Ali Zafar and termed the sexual allegations against him meaningless. Last month, Meesha Shafi took to Twitter and accussed actor Ali Zafra of sexually harassing her at various occasions. Now, Aqsa Ali has come out defending the actor, saying he treats everyone around him with respect and honour.

Talking to IANS, the model-singer, said, “It took me by surprise because apparently both of them are friends and they know each other from their university days. I myself am from the fashion industry and I have been working as a model. Now I am following my passion to be a singer as well.”

“I don’t think these allegations make any sense, there are so many loopholes in them. I am all in for women empowerment but at least things should make some sense,” she further added.

Aqsa has been a member of Ali’s band. “I have been working with Ali for a few years and been travelling with him for concerts as well. It’s always been a great experience. The exposure, the love, and the learning are unconditional. I feel very comfortable while working with him and I always learn something new,” she said.

“I don’t think there’s any basis to these allegations, they are pretty empty and meaningless for me,” she said.

Earlier, Meesha Shafi accused actor Ali Zafar of sexual harassment and shared her story on the social media. Aiming to encourage women to speak out, she posted a letter on Twitter.

On 26 April, Ali Zafar slapped a legal notice on singer Meesha Shafi and sought damages.

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In his defence, Zafar also issued a statement regarding the same and said that he had always supported women and was a part of the campaigns set up against all type of harassment against women in the industry.