A travel-Tech startup established by alumni of IIT Roorkee has partnered with Union Ministry of Tourism’s Incredible India campaign to offer interactive virtual reality experiences of touristic destinations to the users.

Amit Singh and Mayur Karodia from the Department of Architecture and Planning (2010-15), IIT Roorkee, found OutsiteVR in 2016. OutsiteVR is an innovating reality with Immersive Technology in the Travel & Hospitality Industry. It is enabling travel enthusiasts to experience travel destinations and unexplored places from their comfort zones and make informed travel plans.

The partnership is in line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat and supports world-class products manufactured in India.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, to offer personalized and immersive travel experiences which help users to travel our Incredible India from the comfort of their homes. I am thankful to our faculty at IIT Roorkee. The partnership underscores our commitment to support the Hon’ble PM Narendra Modi’s vision of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat. Virtual Reality is an enabler to boost India’s tourism potential and help regain the confidence of users once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides” said Amit Singh.

“Travelling in virtual reality is the New Normal and we are building a technology that makes VR accessible to the masses. In this global crisis, we are aiming to help people travel safe and make better travel decisions,” said Mayur Karodia.

“This partnership will help travel enthusiasts to experience Incredible India even from any corner of the world and facilitate informed travel plans by the users,” said Venkatesan Dhattareyan, Regional Director (West and Central Region), Ministry of Tourism.

OutsiteVR has also been conferred the prestigious “National Tourism Award-2019” by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.