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India tech start-up’s air sanitization product to ‘inactivate’ COVID-19 launched with CSIR-CSIO approval

It’s a unique UVGI-based solution for covid-protection which has been certified and validated by CSIR-CSIO.

SNS | New Delhi |

A path-breaking air sanitization product that can be integrated with any kind and capacity of air-conditioning systems, right from Split AC, Cassette AC to AHUs and FHUs and inactivate 99.9% of coronavirus in an affordable manner has been launched with the approval of CSIR.

It’s a unique UVGI-based solution for covid-protection which has been certified and validated by CSIR-CSIO.

Given the airborne nature of the virus and the increasing recognition of the threat from it in indoor spaces, the product is yet another testimony to Magneto’s proficiency in innovative product design, ability to speedily commercialize new technologies and translate R&D insights into valuable consumer products.

Although UVGI technology has been traditionally considered harmful to human skin thereby remaining limited in use for many years, the company has sought to mitigate those safety concerns by developing a thoroughly non-contact, non-chemical product.

Injecting periodical dosages of UV-C light of wavelength 254 nm, this solution involves the creation of an irradiation field within the HVAC-ducts and thereby disinfecting the inner chamber, a process which rules out any direct human contact whatsoever.

Keeping pace with time and the changing nature of the demand, with this product, the company has also brought mobility to the centre stage enabling the new-age air sanitization systems to be fitted in moving vehicles and transportation, thereby adding a new dimension to their traditional usage limited to buildings.

In other words, the product not only allows protection from the coronavirus and other microscopic pathogens indoors in stationary buildings and living spaces, but also from their threat on various modes of mobility including public transport featuring metros, buses, taxis, and so on.

“Designed and built mindful of the highly price-sensitive developing country of India, it is an affordable product made for mass consumption that can be produced at a large scale in a short time. The deployment of this UVGI-based air sanitization system in public, as well as private modes of transport, would go a long way in protecting people on the move and containing the spread of the virus while also providing clean and pure air to breathe for commuters. Therefore, with safety, health, and savings being the three cornerstones of this product vision, we have sought to bring safe and affordable high-efficiency air sanitization solutions for everyday use, and for a large-scale impact in the country” said Mr. Himanshu Agarwal, the CEO of Magneto CleanTech.