Though the court had convicted three accused in the Yug Gupta kidnapping and murder, the inside story of how prosecution held together all evidences and witnesses despite various attempts to bribe them, is another gripping story in the gruesome crime.

The documents accessed by The Statesman revealed that there were records of several attempts being made to bribe the witnesses, even some cops, though all the attempts failed and only one out of the total 105 witnesses turned hostile during the trial.

“It was a case of justice being delivered despite several odds wherein influence, money and even threats were made to deny justice,” remarked RS Parmar, District Attorney who took the case to the logical end.

Such was audacity of the accused that Chander Sharma even offered bribe of Rs 5 lakh to a cop when he told him about the financial problem he was facing for construction of his house.

The accused had even tried to bribe other accused too and Krishan Dutt, pradhan of Bhont Panchayat in Shimla and was a key witness, was offered bribe several times.

He was offered a bribe of Rs 3 lakh on the day of statement before the court as he was the person, who present at water storage tank in Keleston area when the skeletal remains of the victim were recovered on accused behest.

Though 4-year-old Yug Gupta was kidnapped on 14 June 2014, the case was cracked after two years when the accused Chander Sharma, Tejinder Singh and Vikrant were arrested in a theft case.

The trio were arrested but were out on bail when cops came to know about Chander Sharma unique number which was seized in theft case and it proved to be catalyst.

When the cops checked IMEI number of Sharma and his accomplices’ phones, it was found to different than to the ones, the police had tracked earlier when they were questioned by the police on suspicion.

The CID officials who were investigating the case then, matched the location of their seized phones at the time of incident and it matched with scene of crime, resulting in cracking of the case.

As per the records obtained from mobile towers, the location of convicts was traced thrice on June 21, 2014 near the water tank where Yug was dumped and the timing of last record was 11.26 pm.

The diatomic report revealed that he was dumped alive as water content was found in the bones which is only possible if the person had drowned alive.

Two videos of Yug were also extracted from the mobile of Vikrant (gifted to him by Chander). In first video Yug was seen saying ‘Papa mujhe bacha lo’ and in the second the voice of the boy was not heard as Hindi music was playing in the backdrop.

The police investigations had revealed that Chander was the mastermind behind the crime and he was known for flaunting his lavish lifestyle and his fake id of being state incharge of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC).