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Will ban retail sale of fishes by Lamanis in Goa: Sardesai

PTI | Panaji |


Goa Agriculture Minister Vijai Sardesai today said the Lamani community would not be allowed to carry retail sale of fishes in state, echoing similar sentiment of tourism minister Manohar Ajgaonkar, who earlier spoke about banning the community.

The Karnataka-origin Lamani community is into fish retail business and also in other coastal trades like selling tourist items etc, on the beach side.

Sardesai’s statement comes in the wake of recent complaints filed by local retail fish traders against the illegal sale of fishes in South Goa’s Margao market, allegedly being done by members of the Lamani community.

“Challenge accepted! Will ban retail sale of fish by Lamanis as a start,” Sardesai tweeted.

Goa fisheries minister Vinod Palyekar said that the retail sale of fishes cannot be allowed in wholesale markets.

“I stand by our leader Vijai Sardesai in this crackdown against retail trade at wholesale fish markets. We need to streamline the things. Those who are doing the retail trade in wholesale markets will be strictly dealt with,” he said.

Earlier, Ajgaonkar stirred a controversy after he announced that the Lamani community would be banned to carry out business in the state.

After receiving flak for his statement, he later retracted his remarks, claiming that he was not pointing out towards any particular community.