Mayor Sovan Chatterjee on Monday claimed that the motor pump that underwent an explosion at the Garden Reach water treatment plant on Saturday has not affected water supply process while terming the incident as ‘unusual’.

An incident of water motor pump explosion in the Garden Reach water treatment plant around 9 pm on Saturday night had caused waterlogging inside the premises of the treatment plant.

The water was reportedly 20 feet deep. Around 20 pumps had to be used to drain the water, KMC officials said. The mayor had visited the spot immediately after the incident.

Commenting on whether the supply of water was affected or not, Mr Chatterjee said: “Though the motor pump broke down, we experienced no problem in supplying water. We have three other water pumping stations which continued to supply water. If one of the pumps fails, we always have the other three as standby. Adding to it, the prompt action by the KMC workers have also helped in averting any water supply problems. We will also replace the existing old motor pumps with new and modernised ones.”

However, KMC sources said that one part in Behala received water on Sunday only after 10 a.m., while the supply remained low in some parts of the city whi ch received water from the Garden Reach water treatment plant.

The mayor pointed out that the water supply though had become low yesterday, has been restored to normalcy on Monday.

The KMC workers who went deep inside the logged water inside the treatment plant to fix the snag will soon be rewarded, said Chatterjee.